Qabals of the New Dark Age

Ned Warren Journal Entry #4

Edward (Ned) Warren

Sunday, November 15th, 1885

Chest still feels on fire at times and hurts when I stretch too far. Been a quiet month though, so thankful for that.

Professor Price invited our group to his study after services. Had an Inspector from London with him. Andrew Logan, seems inexperienced at dealing with murder and definitely not aware of the true dangers.

Interesting thing was Price had knowledge of similar murders happening in India during the 1870s. Murdered women, always 6 starting on Friday the 13th. The Inspector described the victims as best he could. However the missing organs is intriguing. Should be an easy case, at least with the locals. Getting hired on as private investigators always makes things simpler. Especially with an Inspector like this.

Price believes these killings are supernatural, possibly a cult. He was holding something back though. Definitely a personal matter with this case.

The missing blood and tender organs make me think whatever is doing this has animalistic tendencies. Some lesser and feral vampires do more than drink blood, but the pattern doesn’t hold too well for them. Thinking demons is more likely, others don’t agree so readily. I don’t pass on a gut feeling though and those numbers mean something. Prepared with several extra books and supplies. Grabbed silver bullets as well.

Arrived in London around 9. We decided to visit the Twin Sons Pub where the second victim worked. Asked around a bit and found at least one lead. Owner of a lodging house, Twilight Yawn, Keith Rigsby was possibly the last person to see the second victim alive. People say he was a bit too sweet on her as well. Will have to press him later, might of saw something.

Went to the alley where the second victim was killed to search around a bit while it was still relatively fresh. Not much but confirmed at least 3 people were involved in killing her. 2 looked to be kneeling around her. Edith worked a bit of magic and confirmed it was definitely ritualistic. Unfortunately that doesn’t narrow it down much.

Planned to end there for the night and head to the hotel Theodore acquired rooms for us at but the killers struck again. At midnight we heard the scream of a girl, roughly 5 minutes before we found her but the killers were already gone. Impressive speed. The kill strike looked rough but the cut along her sides to remove the organs (the same ones) looked surgical. The speed and efficiency shouts surgeon. Found bite marks around the body cuts and the same kneeling pattern. Very little blood. The bite marks, vampire still a possibility but I’m reminded of several descriptions I’ve read before on demons. Found a blood trail, but lost in the heavy traffic of the road. Nothing looks fresh in this weather

3 murders in as many nights, they will most likely follow this pattern till the end. Either they already know their victims or it is done at random. Either way in a city this large there will be no way to predict them. Wasn’t planning on a late night but we still ended up at the Undertaker after discussing things with the Inspector. Examined the other bodies and found the same.


Edith playing with deathmagic. Has this been what she has been using all along? I know she has always been comfortable around the dead and supernatural but this is a step beyond. Why would she try and walk this path. Magic on it’s own is dangerous enough but this is worse. She seemed like the same Edith but now I’m not so sure.

That poor girl…..might have to kill her again. Opening a link back to her body. It’s already hard enough with violent deaths to move on. I’ll have to keep an eye on her to make sure.

We learned she saw 4 people, not 3. Information obtained through deathmagic though. I don’t know if I can trust it.

or her…

Ned Warren Journal Entry #3

Edward (Ned) Warren

Sunday, October 18th, 1885

Reading this cursed book was a pain. For the most part it was ramblings of mad people. However the few spellbooks I have read weren’t much different. Probably says something about how magic-users view the world differently but it just pisses me off most of the time. Thankfully it was descriptive enough for me to work out a ritual that should put down this revenant. Seems she used spells similar to an old neamh-mairbh, Avarta. Was an irish dwarf that ate souls if I recall correctly. My Gaelic was never that good but stories about Matculhaud were an easy enough read.

Hopefully Theona is still displaced enough so this will go off without a problem but I fucking doubt it. Going to unearth the body once the sun rises. Use a thing it hated, going with the masks of the Sacellum that burned her, to keep Theona’s focus. Then destroy her source of power, the silver sacrificial dagger that she used as a focus for her spellcasting. And finally burn her again. Should destroy her spirit completely.

My hands hurt even writing this but I need to get it down. May have attracted too much attention from the Sacellum but we’ll deal with that another time. For now Theona is gone and Harcombe Bottom should have no more trouble from her.

She was a bitch of a fight. Should probably invest in some leather gloves in the future. Suffered some burns but I’ll recover. The rest of the team is fine. Naamah was injured as well but nothing a few days off won’t cure. Clio proved a lot more useful than she first appeared. Was able to restrain the fire-throwing corpse that Theona had become with plants of all things. Edith as she always had been in the past was very quick and managed to put together a spell to trap Theona’s spirit for a short time. That dagger burned like hell but it worked out well and we were able to burn her. Theodore may not be much of a fighter but I can deal with that if he keeps providing the resources we need. Never thought a proper gentleman was fit for this kind of work but I can definitely see the benefit now.

Had to restrain the Lady Helsvar and one of her servants. Not pleasant but people either accept the reality of the darkness or they don’t. Once they don’t there is really only one way to deal with them so you can make sure they don’t get in the way or die.

Made it back to Oxford with haste. Left town with a bad reputation but that is usually the way it goes. Locked the Curse spellbook up in the Vault.

Reminder; need a new journal sooner, consecrating pages and ink is the way to go. Was handier than I thought.

Ned Warren Journal Entry #2

Edward (Ned) Warren

Saturday, October 17th, 1885

Got a few more hours of sleep before morning after that. Hannah was still alive but the thing that took over her body was a revenant. Hunted a few but nothing like this. It could cast spells and while it seemed intent on it’s revenge it put a lot of it’s effort into taking over Hannah to gain “life” again.

Got a good look at the revenant after being attacked by it for trying to examine Gilroy Abbot’s body. Burning is a nasty way to go and even nastier when it continues into the next life. A few of us got burned but nothing time won’t heal. Hand already stopped hurting.

Turns out this town was already home to another group. The Sacellum and is on to our group. Bunch of fucking zealots. No doubts they forced this revenant into existence by burning a witch. Wolfe, Abbot, Ramsey, Winthrope and Fauler. Turns out they burned an evil witch by the name of Theona Helsvar. She was into some dark shit and definitely deserved death but as usual the Sacellum and their blind hatred lack the knowledge to keep the witch dead.
Met the widow Helsvar and got the whole story. Father killed while those five in masks captured the witch and then they proceeded to burn her. Whole town watched on Wednesday. Explains no news, they wouldn’t report a witch. Theona had a fight with Cowden and burnt him the next day. Needed a dagger for her rituals, no doubt Cowden knew what for. Died still fighting. just too old.

Found a silver sacrificial dagger, Hannah’s old shawl at Theona’s. Along with a letter detailing the spell she used to take over Hannah’s body. The shawl helped out. Feared I’d have to kill Hannah. The spell required a stolen item and if we didn’t find it there would of been little hope of saving her. Found her spirit in the graveyard and Theona. She must of figured out what we were up to after our encounter at the Abbot estate. Edith got the shawl to Hannah’s spirit just in time and we forced the revenant out. Displaced the revenant for a time.

Hannah was dazed and confused about what happened. Honestly it was surprising she was awake so soon after being displaced for so long. Got her back to the Rabbit’s Foot. Lied a bit to her and her father to smooth things over. Edith was able to get Hannah up to her room and found the spell book Theona had been using. Really don’t like this revenant……should be a way to stop her in this cursed book. Going to take a bit to read. Just looking at it seems like ramblings. I’ve read worse though.

Why is there only one pub in this damn town.

(( Just a side note; I left out the revolver on purpose because even though it is important to Ned I don’t think that is something he would want to write down as actually having lost unless he actually lost it permanently.))

Naamah Mochan
Dinner Party?

We went to eat dinner at the Professors house, his name was Bartholomule Price. It was a nice house, but too big for me. I miss my Vardoo. He had told a tale of a man (Morton Cowdan) that was killed in Harkem Bottom, this man was a friend of his. He wanted us to go look into it. We took a train ride to this place and it was a long trip. I do not like being confined in that, no open windows. We came to town and spoke with Mayor Winthrop Oliver. He told us that it was not only Morton that dies but his family as well. They were all burned to death in their home. The Mayor is also a business man, he owns a pub called the Rabbits Foot. We had come to this pub for food after we had checked in to our Inn called the Mighter Inn. We met the Mayors daughter, she is a curva, as she was dressed too much like a lady of the night. She was very pleasent, maybe too helpful.
When it was night fall I had seen a spectre. She look just like Hannah, the Mayor’s daughter. I had an impromptu seance to call for the ghost. The ghost showed up. She was looking for her shawl, when we confronted her and told her she was dead she became angry. The next day when we had asked to speak to Hannah and she was very much alive. She is engaged and was somewhat happy to be getting married soon. She is engaged to Captain Abbet, a military man who has done well for himself.
Over the next few hours we had seen a lot more death, Captain Abbet and Ethan Wolfe were murdered. When we went to Captain Abbets house many things started to attack. I was knocked out and cannot remember the rest.
I have drawn a picture of Hannah…this might help us to remember what were are up against.

Ned Warren Journal Entry #1
October, year 1885

Edward (Ned) Warren

Thursday, October 15th, 1885

Joined Professor Price in his parlor after dinner party for brandy. Sometimes I do wish we could just meet but Price always did stress the need for subtlety in our work. The members of my new group joined as well. Still strange to be working with Dr. Blake-Evans again but having nothing new on the creature.

Only our group was invited to stay after and even the servants were dismissed for the night. Not unusual but we had so little to discuss I wonder why Price even bothered. A man, Morton Cowden, was killed in a small town, Harcombe Bottom, just 4 days past on the 14th. A retired member of the Order but still keeping watch. Learning more often there is no retiring, you die or you get old, slower and then die.

No word about his family and no investigation to speak off. Even Price’s information was lacking, however Harcombe Bottom is barely on the map. I would be surprised if they had more than one officer. Price thinks this indicates foul play though and never known the man to be wrong and 13 years is a long time to not be wrong in.

We leave for Harcombe Bottom first thing tomorrow by train.

Friday, October 16th, 1885

Reached Harcombe Bottom late afternoon. Bit tired from the train ride stuffed into a cabin with my 4 other comrades. Theodore informed us of a contact he might be able to use to help us with our investigation. The Mayor, Winthrope, no less. However in a town this size I doubt his usefulness and more likely than not he is either involved or being used. However he does own the pub in town, the Rabbit’s Foot, so at the very least meeting with him should mean a good drink.

Carriage took use to the only Inn in town, the Miter. A bit shabby and old but I’ve seen, and stayed in, worse. Decided to take advantage of the time and have dinner at the Rabbit’s Foot. Mayor wasn’t to friendly, unlike his daughter. However mixing with locals is never a good idea.

The town is small to say the least. Even if the Mayor didn’t tell us where it was the shop of Morton was not hard to find. Told us that it burned down with the family inside, smell confirmed his story. Dr. Blake-Evans seems to have gone deeper into magic from the last time we met. She started a small ritual to see if she could glance at what happened that day. Prefer my own methods. Was able to find the origins of the fire. Several places seeming at random but no hints of accelerants. Everything already pointed to a magical fire and Edith confirmed. Mentioned a feeling of the arsonist, power and rage.

Decided to retire to the Miter but fate had other plans. Returned to find the owner, Ethan Wolfe, was murder. Met Sheriff Rupert Pugh and talked my way inside to the scene. Came into Wolfe’s family room to find it in shambles. Searching around I found the cause of all things to be some kind of whirlwind within the room, obviously magical and confirmed with Dr. Blake-Evans. Wofle himself was stabbed with all kinds of implements, ranging from knives to pens, and every implement that struck him did so at the same time. From her quick investigation the culprit of this whirlwind and Wolfe’s murder seemed to be still within or close to the inn. Telekinesis? A spell seems less likely.

Found a scrap journal of Wolfe’s while searching the scene. Dated two nights ago, Wednesday Oct. 14, 1885. “Can’t believe we did that. My conscious will never be clean again.” He may have been involved in Cowden’s murder but nothing else of the journal was found or readable.

Towards the end of the night Dr. Ramsey and Reverend Fouler. Neither seemed keen on solving anything happening in their town. Neither seemed to know anything past their own faces either. Salted the door and window to be safe. Something has power here and is malicious. Given the isolation I’m leaning towards a lesser demon.

Saturday, October 17th, 1885

Woken up in the middle of the damn night. Naamah saw a specter in what passes for the town square. Trying to enter the Rabbit’s Foot. Grabbed a flask of holy water but had no need for it. Decided to do a seance right in the middle of the street but anyone up at this ungodly hour would be a surprise to say the least and a suspect for sure. Still though seems my companions are bolder than previously thought. Surprising the ghost appeared exactly as Hannah. Had not seen her since dinner, even when the whole town was outside the Miter due to Wolfe’s murder. However she wore very different dress from what little she was wearing early in the day. Seemed calm enough, was trying to get into the Rabbit’s Foot to retrieve her mother’s shawl. However, whether in denial or just unaware of her death, she fled when foolishly asked by Naamah. Naamah is far more caring than the little I remember of her, almost to a fault but she did manage to summon Hannah’s spirit in the first place so the process wasn’t a complete failure.

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