Qabals of the New Dark Age

Naamah Mochan

Dinner Party?

We went to eat dinner at the Professors house, his name was Bartholomule Price. It was a nice house, but too big for me. I miss my Vardoo. He had told a tale of a man (Morton Cowdan) that was killed in Harkem Bottom, this man was a friend of his. He wanted us to go look into it. We took a train ride to this place and it was a long trip. I do not like being confined in that, no open windows. We came to town and spoke with Mayor Winthrop Oliver. He told us that it was not only Morton that dies but his family as well. They were all burned to death in their home. The Mayor is also a business man, he owns a pub called the Rabbits Foot. We had come to this pub for food after we had checked in to our Inn called the Mighter Inn. We met the Mayors daughter, she is a curva, as she was dressed too much like a lady of the night. She was very pleasent, maybe too helpful.
When it was night fall I had seen a spectre. She look just like Hannah, the Mayor’s daughter. I had an impromptu seance to call for the ghost. The ghost showed up. She was looking for her shawl, when we confronted her and told her she was dead she became angry. The next day when we had asked to speak to Hannah and she was very much alive. She is engaged and was somewhat happy to be getting married soon. She is engaged to Captain Abbet, a military man who has done well for himself.
Over the next few hours we had seen a lot more death, Captain Abbet and Ethan Wolfe were murdered. When we went to Captain Abbets house many things started to attack. I was knocked out and cannot remember the rest.
I have drawn a picture of Hannah…this might help us to remember what were are up against.


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