Qabals of the New Dark Age

Ned Warren Journal Entry #1

October, year 1885

Edward (Ned) Warren

Thursday, October 15th, 1885

Joined Professor Price in his parlor after dinner party for brandy. Sometimes I do wish we could just meet but Price always did stress the need for subtlety in our work. The members of my new group joined as well. Still strange to be working with Dr. Blake-Evans again but having nothing new on the creature.

Only our group was invited to stay after and even the servants were dismissed for the night. Not unusual but we had so little to discuss I wonder why Price even bothered. A man, Morton Cowden, was killed in a small town, Harcombe Bottom, just 4 days past on the 14th. A retired member of the Order but still keeping watch. Learning more often there is no retiring, you die or you get old, slower and then die.

No word about his family and no investigation to speak off. Even Price’s information was lacking, however Harcombe Bottom is barely on the map. I would be surprised if they had more than one officer. Price thinks this indicates foul play though and never known the man to be wrong and 13 years is a long time to not be wrong in.

We leave for Harcombe Bottom first thing tomorrow by train.

Friday, October 16th, 1885

Reached Harcombe Bottom late afternoon. Bit tired from the train ride stuffed into a cabin with my 4 other comrades. Theodore informed us of a contact he might be able to use to help us with our investigation. The Mayor, Winthrope, no less. However in a town this size I doubt his usefulness and more likely than not he is either involved or being used. However he does own the pub in town, the Rabbit’s Foot, so at the very least meeting with him should mean a good drink.

Carriage took use to the only Inn in town, the Miter. A bit shabby and old but I’ve seen, and stayed in, worse. Decided to take advantage of the time and have dinner at the Rabbit’s Foot. Mayor wasn’t to friendly, unlike his daughter. However mixing with locals is never a good idea.

The town is small to say the least. Even if the Mayor didn’t tell us where it was the shop of Morton was not hard to find. Told us that it burned down with the family inside, smell confirmed his story. Dr. Blake-Evans seems to have gone deeper into magic from the last time we met. She started a small ritual to see if she could glance at what happened that day. Prefer my own methods. Was able to find the origins of the fire. Several places seeming at random but no hints of accelerants. Everything already pointed to a magical fire and Edith confirmed. Mentioned a feeling of the arsonist, power and rage.

Decided to retire to the Miter but fate had other plans. Returned to find the owner, Ethan Wolfe, was murder. Met Sheriff Rupert Pugh and talked my way inside to the scene. Came into Wolfe’s family room to find it in shambles. Searching around I found the cause of all things to be some kind of whirlwind within the room, obviously magical and confirmed with Dr. Blake-Evans. Wofle himself was stabbed with all kinds of implements, ranging from knives to pens, and every implement that struck him did so at the same time. From her quick investigation the culprit of this whirlwind and Wolfe’s murder seemed to be still within or close to the inn. Telekinesis? A spell seems less likely.

Found a scrap journal of Wolfe’s while searching the scene. Dated two nights ago, Wednesday Oct. 14, 1885. “Can’t believe we did that. My conscious will never be clean again.” He may have been involved in Cowden’s murder but nothing else of the journal was found or readable.

Towards the end of the night Dr. Ramsey and Reverend Fouler. Neither seemed keen on solving anything happening in their town. Neither seemed to know anything past their own faces either. Salted the door and window to be safe. Something has power here and is malicious. Given the isolation I’m leaning towards a lesser demon.

Saturday, October 17th, 1885

Woken up in the middle of the damn night. Naamah saw a specter in what passes for the town square. Trying to enter the Rabbit’s Foot. Grabbed a flask of holy water but had no need for it. Decided to do a seance right in the middle of the street but anyone up at this ungodly hour would be a surprise to say the least and a suspect for sure. Still though seems my companions are bolder than previously thought. Surprising the ghost appeared exactly as Hannah. Had not seen her since dinner, even when the whole town was outside the Miter due to Wolfe’s murder. However she wore very different dress from what little she was wearing early in the day. Seemed calm enough, was trying to get into the Rabbit’s Foot to retrieve her mother’s shawl. However, whether in denial or just unaware of her death, she fled when foolishly asked by Naamah. Naamah is far more caring than the little I remember of her, almost to a fault but she did manage to summon Hannah’s spirit in the first place so the process wasn’t a complete failure.


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