Qabals of the New Dark Age

Ned Warren Journal Entry #2

Edward (Ned) Warren

Saturday, October 17th, 1885

Got a few more hours of sleep before morning after that. Hannah was still alive but the thing that took over her body was a revenant. Hunted a few but nothing like this. It could cast spells and while it seemed intent on it’s revenge it put a lot of it’s effort into taking over Hannah to gain “life” again.

Got a good look at the revenant after being attacked by it for trying to examine Gilroy Abbot’s body. Burning is a nasty way to go and even nastier when it continues into the next life. A few of us got burned but nothing time won’t heal. Hand already stopped hurting.

Turns out this town was already home to another group. The Sacellum and is on to our group. Bunch of fucking zealots. No doubts they forced this revenant into existence by burning a witch. Wolfe, Abbot, Ramsey, Winthrope and Fauler. Turns out they burned an evil witch by the name of Theona Helsvar. She was into some dark shit and definitely deserved death but as usual the Sacellum and their blind hatred lack the knowledge to keep the witch dead.
Met the widow Helsvar and got the whole story. Father killed while those five in masks captured the witch and then they proceeded to burn her. Whole town watched on Wednesday. Explains no news, they wouldn’t report a witch. Theona had a fight with Cowden and burnt him the next day. Needed a dagger for her rituals, no doubt Cowden knew what for. Died still fighting. just too old.

Found a silver sacrificial dagger, Hannah’s old shawl at Theona’s. Along with a letter detailing the spell she used to take over Hannah’s body. The shawl helped out. Feared I’d have to kill Hannah. The spell required a stolen item and if we didn’t find it there would of been little hope of saving her. Found her spirit in the graveyard and Theona. She must of figured out what we were up to after our encounter at the Abbot estate. Edith got the shawl to Hannah’s spirit just in time and we forced the revenant out. Displaced the revenant for a time.

Hannah was dazed and confused about what happened. Honestly it was surprising she was awake so soon after being displaced for so long. Got her back to the Rabbit’s Foot. Lied a bit to her and her father to smooth things over. Edith was able to get Hannah up to her room and found the spell book Theona had been using. Really don’t like this revenant……should be a way to stop her in this cursed book. Going to take a bit to read. Just looking at it seems like ramblings. I’ve read worse though.

Why is there only one pub in this damn town.

(( Just a side note; I left out the revolver on purpose because even though it is important to Ned I don’t think that is something he would want to write down as actually having lost unless he actually lost it permanently.))


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