Naamah Mochan

Wandering Gypsy Fortune Teller


Naamah is an average size woman at 5’5" and 124 lbs. She is 19 years old. She has honey colored skin with brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a long, flowing, multi colored skirt, a puffy shirt, with a shawl over her arms. She jingles when she walks because she has an anklet that has bells on it. She has a small pouch for money and the only jewelry she wears is a bracelet that it black, blue, and white.


Naamah believes in Malocchio, the evil eye. She believes that if you are cursed, you deserved it. What did you do to someone that made them feel so hurt that they went to a Gypsy to have you cursed. If you want to break your curse you must truly be repentant.
Naamah is a Russian Gypsy. Her family came to Russia almost at the end of slavery for the gypsies. Her parents had to work in the high houses and the farms for the Russian Royalty. They needed to earn money in order to live when they bought their freedom. Naamah had fallen in love with, Marko Kizzy, a man from another Gypsy family and they had made plans to marry when they were free. When Naamah was finally freed because slavery had ended, she had found that Marko was engaged to another Romani woman. Her family had more money and he was marrying into a weathly Romani family. Naamah had cursed both of them and because of this curse they both died.
A coldness had crept inside of her. She started to become cold and bitter. She hated those that were in love, because she had caused the death of her love. She did not want to be the gypsy witch, an outcast of her tribe. She was part of the Khaladytko Roma Tribe, she was pride to be part of that. She started to hear The Voice and had to start doing Her bidding. She asked for so much and at times it breaks Naamah’s heart to follow it. She needs to make up for what she has done, so now she tries not to listen, but sometimes the Voice is too strong. She is seeking redemption for what she has done and one day soon she hopes to be free of the Voice and not have to do Her bidding.

Naamah Mochan

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