Thank you to Rachel, Marc, Daniel, Rabbi, and Adam for the playtest two years ago. This re-write was not based on that, but you still helped me nail down the Fear mechanic.

Adam & Daniel, I changed most of what we discussed, but those conversations were still useful. I am grateful.

Rabbi, you made a great sounding board, tangents and all.

Inspiration for this idea came from TSR’s/WOTC’s Ravenloft setting as well as Orrorsh (WEG’s TORG game). Without the Dresden Files RPG (Evil Hat), I would not have had the thought to even try this.

I do not know who Clavdivs is, but I did sorta rip off one of his ideas found here .

Any copy/paste text that ended up unchanged in here is still the property of its author/publisher. Odds are that it would be Evil Hat. If you guys there ever see this, please consider this my homage to your works. Keep up the good work!


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