Campaign Rules


This page is the table of contents for rules. First, a note on System.


The system for this campaign is Fate Core with changes expounded upon in the rules. As much as possible, I have followed the Fate Core handbook. When I have not, I have tried to reference where in this document you can find details.

The Fate Core book is currently a pay-what-you-like download, and can be found here. You can download for free, and then make a donation after seeing how good this book is. Suggested Retail is $25, which is still pretty cheap compared to the competition. Evil Hat is a good company producing strong games, so please consider donating something.

You might also want to look at the Fate System Toolkit (found here ). This has advice on how to hack Fate Core into any setting. Worth the money.

Section One: The Basics
Section Two: Game Creation
Section Three: Character Creation
Section Four: Aspects & Fate Points
Section Five: Skills & Stunts
Sections 6-10: Game play
Section 11: The Other Stuff
I. Extras
II. Templates & Musts
III. Powers
IV. Morality
V. Stunts
VI. Magic
VII. Fear & Perseverance
VIII. Horror
IX. Curses


Campaign Rules

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