List of Qabals

Other Qabals

Not much is known about other Qabals. In fact, accumulated knowledge is next to nothing. As you learn more, we can add that knowledge here.

Suspected Qabals

Masonic Order

Known Qabals

Sacellum – Faith based. Vigorously opposed to any and all magic. Zealots on a crusade against anything not natural.

Known Members;

  • Wolfe (owner of the Miter Inn) – deceased
  • Gilroy Abbot of Harcombe Bottom – deceased
  • Dr. Ramsey of Harcombe Bottom
  • Mayor Winthrope of Harcombe Bottom
  • Reverend Fauler. of Harcombe Bottom

Known Operating Locations;

  • Harcombe Bottom

List of Qabals

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