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Section Five: Skills & Stunts

The skill list for this campaign is:

You may have noticed that we changed the name of 3 skills and added 2 others. There is also a special “skill” called Corruption.

The changes…
• Drive became Travel. Travel includes all those things described under Drive. It also includes experience with train timetables, getting around foreign cities, etc.
• Notice became Alertness. I just like the name better as I am more used to it.
• Provoke became Persuasion. Persuasion includes all the stuff under Provoke as well as any attempt to convince someone to take a certain course of action. So, charming, haggling, intimidating, fast-talking, sales, etc. are all included in this.

The new skills…
• Education. This is a measure of how likely you are to know a fact or facts which are not related to the supernatural.
• Resolve. This is a measure of your spirit, your courage, and your will to fight the horrors of this world. When confronted with the evil horrors of the world, this is the skill you roll.
• Survival. Includes any kind of animal handling or training, scavenging, tracking, or simply getting along in the wilderness. This skill is also useful for not getting lost.

Next, let’s talk about the “skill” that is not a skill. Corruption. Every PC begins the game with this “skill” at Rank –2. Certain actions will require a Corruption roll. Corruption rolls are never actions. This “skill” is not counted when considering your skill pyramid. As you may notice in the following sections, you can gain bonus skill points by raising your Corruption rank. Corruption is detailed below.

Please note: you can only use Athletics to dodge gunfire when you are in the same zone as the shooter. When you are not in the same zone as the shooter, your Athletics is treated as 0 when you try to dodge.

For stunts, players are welcome to follow the rules for stunts given in the Fate Core book. Players are free to adapt stunts from other sources so long as the stunt conforms to the rules in Fate Core. (Players may wish to consult the Masque of the Red Death or Ravenloft campaigns for ideas which would be particularly suitable to this campaign; they may also consult the Dresden Files RPG, Strands of Fate, ICONS, and Spirit of the Century to find stunts which may be easy to convert to this game.) There are also some new stunts listed at the end of this document.

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