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Section Two: Game Creation

We need to discuss the size & scope of the setting, since we ultimately have the entire world at out fingers. I have been thinking of focusing on Europe to begin with but keeping the option to travel elsewhere. If I am the only person who thinks that, please let me know.

In terms of scale, I like a mix of epic & personal, although I probably lean a little more towards epic. I do want to hear what all of you think.

When discussing Faces & Places, we need to think about cities, regions, and/or countries for locations, and give each of them an aspect. This does not mean we cannot detail locations. If you think there is a location that should be detailed, bring it up. Faces can be tied to a city, region, country, or even a specific place.

Finally, we should discuss the Qabals. The Qabals are secret & semi-secret organizations which are more aware of the supernatural than most mere mortals. Some fight the good fight, while others pursue wealth or power, and some are just outright evil. The PCs are members of the same Qabal. (We can have two Qabals cooperating if players prefer that; I am open to discussion, but no more than two, please.) As a group, you are probably aware of another Qabal which opposes yours. Who are they? What are their goals, if known?

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