Qabals of the New Dark Age

A Gothic Fate Campaign

What is Gothic Fate? The Fate system is one where proactive, capable heroes lead dramatic lives. Gothic horror is a role-playing genre with a dark & oppressive atmosphere, impossible circumstances, and good acts of desperation in the fight against evil. Thus, Gothic Fate is the melding of these two things.

PCs in this campaign should be heroic; after all, they defend our world against the many horrors that wait in the darkness to consume us. Players should be willing to dive into the setting; this includes the understanding that, in Gothic Horror, good may defeat evil, but this comes at a price: important characters sometimes die. (Rules Sections 6-10 includes some important modifications that highlight the dangers PCs face.)

For this campaign, we will be using the Fate Core system with modifications. Additions & modifications are detailed on the Rules page.


The setting is easy to describe: Earth, circa 1885. Granted, that is more of a declaration than a description, but it does accurately sum up the setting. Details can be found in many history books, in the literature of the day, or even Wikipedia (although this GM makes no guarantee that any of the “facts” from those sources are correct.) Ideas for the setting can also be found in numerous horror RPG games.

In general, there is the belief in scientific progress, but this belief is accompanied by still strong beliefs in superstition and the supernatural as well as a small resurgence of paganism in parts of Europe. Romanticism has a great hold over Europe, as does Nationalism, and the second industrial revolution is in full swing.

All that is easily understood. Add to that the Red Death. While the Red Deathhas many names, many do not believe ‘he’ exists. Amongst those that do, there is disagreement about whether the Red Deathis a force or an entity. Some believe it to be a personification of death, or a demon, or the Devil. Some say it is a great evil while others call it the source of all evil. Either way, it permeates life in the Gothic Fate campaign. While many disagree on what the Red Deathis, they do agree on what it does: it corrupts. The Red Deathcan corrupt anyone that taps into the supernatural, even those using supernatural abilities for benevolent ends. Over the past several decades, many have come to the conclusion that the Red Deathcan even corrupt mortals, turning them into monsters.

Since anyone can be corrupted, trust is a thin commodity. Monsters can be anywhere, and sometimes they seem everywhere. Granted, you don’t see or hear of them every day. There are…things out there in the night. It is true that the light of reason and knowledge has come to the world, but that light has only shown us how very dark a place our world is. So, when a woman is found brutally sliced up in an alleyway, some people question the official explanations. Suspicion, superstition, and fear abound.

Welcome, my friends; make yourselves comfortable. You are going to be here a very, very long time.

Qabals of the New Dark Age

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