Qabals of the New Dark Age

Ned Warren Journal Entry #3

Edward (Ned) Warren

Sunday, October 18th, 1885

Reading this cursed book was a pain. For the most part it was ramblings of mad people. However the few spellbooks I have read weren’t much different. Probably says something about how magic-users view the world differently but it just pisses me off most of the time. Thankfully it was descriptive enough for me to work out a ritual that should put down this revenant. Seems she used spells similar to an old neamh-mairbh, Avarta. Was an irish dwarf that ate souls if I recall correctly. My Gaelic was never that good but stories about Matculhaud were an easy enough read.

Hopefully Theona is still displaced enough so this will go off without a problem but I fucking doubt it. Going to unearth the body once the sun rises. Use a thing it hated, going with the masks of the Sacellum that burned her, to keep Theona’s focus. Then destroy her source of power, the silver sacrificial dagger that she used as a focus for her spellcasting. And finally burn her again. Should destroy her spirit completely.

My hands hurt even writing this but I need to get it down. May have attracted too much attention from the Sacellum but we’ll deal with that another time. For now Theona is gone and Harcombe Bottom should have no more trouble from her.

She was a bitch of a fight. Should probably invest in some leather gloves in the future. Suffered some burns but I’ll recover. The rest of the team is fine. Naamah was injured as well but nothing a few days off won’t cure. Clio proved a lot more useful than she first appeared. Was able to restrain the fire-throwing corpse that Theona had become with plants of all things. Edith as she always had been in the past was very quick and managed to put together a spell to trap Theona’s spirit for a short time. That dagger burned like hell but it worked out well and we were able to burn her. Theodore may not be much of a fighter but I can deal with that if he keeps providing the resources we need. Never thought a proper gentleman was fit for this kind of work but I can definitely see the benefit now.

Had to restrain the Lady Helsvar and one of her servants. Not pleasant but people either accept the reality of the darkness or they don’t. Once they don’t there is really only one way to deal with them so you can make sure they don’t get in the way or die.

Made it back to Oxford with haste. Left town with a bad reputation but that is usually the way it goes. Locked the Curse spellbook up in the Vault.

Reminder; need a new journal sooner, consecrating pages and ink is the way to go. Was handier than I thought.


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