Qabals of the New Dark Age

Ned Warren Journal Entry #4

Edward (Ned) Warren

Sunday, November 15th, 1885

Chest still feels on fire at times and hurts when I stretch too far. Been a quiet month though, so thankful for that.

Professor Price invited our group to his study after services. Had an Inspector from London with him. Andrew Logan, seems inexperienced at dealing with murder and definitely not aware of the true dangers.

Interesting thing was Price had knowledge of similar murders happening in India during the 1870s. Murdered women, always 6 starting on Friday the 13th. The Inspector described the victims as best he could. However the missing organs is intriguing. Should be an easy case, at least with the locals. Getting hired on as private investigators always makes things simpler. Especially with an Inspector like this.

Price believes these killings are supernatural, possibly a cult. He was holding something back though. Definitely a personal matter with this case.

The missing blood and tender organs make me think whatever is doing this has animalistic tendencies. Some lesser and feral vampires do more than drink blood, but the pattern doesn’t hold too well for them. Thinking demons is more likely, others don’t agree so readily. I don’t pass on a gut feeling though and those numbers mean something. Prepared with several extra books and supplies. Grabbed silver bullets as well.

Arrived in London around 9. We decided to visit the Twin Sons Pub where the second victim worked. Asked around a bit and found at least one lead. Owner of a lodging house, Twilight Yawn, Keith Rigsby was possibly the last person to see the second victim alive. People say he was a bit too sweet on her as well. Will have to press him later, might of saw something.

Went to the alley where the second victim was killed to search around a bit while it was still relatively fresh. Not much but confirmed at least 3 people were involved in killing her. 2 looked to be kneeling around her. Edith worked a bit of magic and confirmed it was definitely ritualistic. Unfortunately that doesn’t narrow it down much.

Planned to end there for the night and head to the hotel Theodore acquired rooms for us at but the killers struck again. At midnight we heard the scream of a girl, roughly 5 minutes before we found her but the killers were already gone. Impressive speed. The kill strike looked rough but the cut along her sides to remove the organs (the same ones) looked surgical. The speed and efficiency shouts surgeon. Found bite marks around the body cuts and the same kneeling pattern. Very little blood. The bite marks, vampire still a possibility but I’m reminded of several descriptions I’ve read before on demons. Found a blood trail, but lost in the heavy traffic of the road. Nothing looks fresh in this weather

3 murders in as many nights, they will most likely follow this pattern till the end. Either they already know their victims or it is done at random. Either way in a city this large there will be no way to predict them. Wasn’t planning on a late night but we still ended up at the Undertaker after discussing things with the Inspector. Examined the other bodies and found the same.


Edith playing with deathmagic. Has this been what she has been using all along? I know she has always been comfortable around the dead and supernatural but this is a step beyond. Why would she try and walk this path. Magic on it’s own is dangerous enough but this is worse. She seemed like the same Edith but now I’m not so sure.

That poor girl…..might have to kill her again. Opening a link back to her body. It’s already hard enough with violent deaths to move on. I’ll have to keep an eye on her to make sure.

We learned she saw 4 people, not 3. Information obtained through deathmagic though. I don’t know if I can trust it.

or her…


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