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When you see scenes of terrible cruelty, brutal disfigurements, bloody crime scenes, or other similar disturbing scenes that man was not meant to see, you need to roll Resolve to deal with the Horror of the scene. Failure results in receiving a Temporary Aspect. Results of failure are shown below.

Horror Armor, if you have it, acts like armor to reduce mental stress caused by failure. It does not affect the level at which you failed.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT ANY MENTAL STRESS OR CONSEQUENCES RECEIVED FROM FAILING A HORROR ROLL DO NOT GO AWAY WHILE THE TEMPORARY ASPECT REMAINS. ONCE IT IS GONE, THE MENTAL STRESS TRACK CLEARS. CONSEQUENCES BEGIN GOING AWAY NORMALLY WHEN THE TEMPORARY ASPECT GOES AWAY. This means any Extreme Consequences gained by Failing by 8+ requires two Major Milestones to go away: one to begin the “healing process” and one to complete it. It is possible that some levels of failure may cause semi-permanent or permanent changes to your PC.

Additionally, the GM can compel the aspect received once without awarding or spending a fate point. Consider it the equivalent of the world (or Adversary if you prefer) giving you the aspect and tagging it.

PCs do have another option when confronted with scenes of Horror. A PC can choose to Concede to the scene. Doing so lets the PC name the Temporary Aspect they receive. The PC can also choose to self-compel the Aspect when he receives it, denying the GM the ability to tag it once for free. The GM can compel it later by offering a fate point as usual. As always, the player and GM should agree on the Aspect and the self-compel. The larger the Horror Difficulty the more of a concession the GM is likely to request.

It should perhaps be noted that the biggest difference between Fear & Horror is that Fear is contagious; it is a group roll. Horror is intimate; it only affects you (although others around you may be horrified as well). Please note: Not only is it possible for the SAME SCENE to require a group Fear Roll as well as individual Horror rolls, but there will be occasions when this will happen.

Below are general guidelines for the difficulty to beat a Horror roll. These difficulties should go up or down based on circumstances (for example, if a PCs family member has been brutally murdered, that PCs difficulty will be higher than everyone else’s.)


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